need to be aware of the "Joker Brokers", that Submit Client's Projects to "other Brokers",because they   do not have any Lenders that FUND! They SHOP your Project ALL OVER THE INTERNET TO the Hard Money - 65%, 14% INT "LENDERS", (you need 35% CASH @ Closing ..(and then you receive 2,3 or 4  Fee Agreements and They want to collect "Upfront Fees", & they ALL want 4 points) !! WOW**  Some of These Same "JOKER BROKER'S also "Advise" the Borrower to NOT pay the Required Down Payment My Private Lender requires for 100% FUNDING, 5% FIXED  INT, Close in 12-15 Days ,With " ABSOLUTELY NO Qualification, and sends them to the other 42%LTV  Lenders @ 14% Int. That requires (53) Pieces of Information, & Do NOT Lend, because "that's the Way we Did it  Before!!   LOL! --------The Borrower LOST His DEAL & Opportunity to Make  a Couple MILLION  Profit on his Project, due to these JOKER BROKER'S ADVISE!!  I'm Sure That Borrower is "Chomping at The Bit"  to Pay that JOKER BROKER 4 Points for that "PROFESSIONAL" ADVISE, LOL!  And YOU "complain about 5% FIXED Interest , 3.5% TOTAL FEES, FOR 100% ANY PURPOSE LOANS??WOW!!!     YEAH! Baby!! Count me IN!!!                       
~~~~WAKE UP~~~~~~~You are in a Joker Broker Chain!~'
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