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BE ADVISED(..... It is Against Federal LAW to try to obtain a Commercial Loan on any Property that you do not have a SIGNED Offer to PURCHASE! ~~~~~~WE DO NOT TOLERATE "BORROWER CONTROL"!~~~~~~~~~YOU MUST FOLLOW OUR PROCEDURE!     "Private Lenders are not selling money here,(................ rather the borrower/’s need to “bear the burden of proof”! (.................., along with being able to cover the  Closing cost, that is required to make it to the closing table !
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Private Family funds, are not the best advertised, opportunity in the lender universe. Many Principals/brokers do not know where they are, as the private lenders typically do not advertise, so it pays to go to a source that has been doing private lending for awhile.

DPLINC has a NEW "Private Commercial lender" that will provide up to 90%  Asset-Based Funding

The industries we serve include, but are not limited to:
    Service Providers
    (Trucking, Staffing, Security Services, etc.)


    Financing from $500,000 - $30 Million

    Advance rates
        Up to 90% on Accounts Receivable
        Up to 50% on Inventory
        Up to 85% against liquidation value of Machinery and Equipment

    Common Client Characteristics:
        Marginally profitable or losing money
        Weak balance sheet
        Reporting losses
        Negative tangible equity
        In or emerging from bankruptcy
        Currently in the asset recovery department of a bank-funding (depending on Project)  

Typically, they:

    Are service providers, manufacturers or wholesale distributors
    Are located anywhere in the USA
    Need an asset based loan from $50,000 to $30 million
    Always have commercial accounts receivable
    Often have inventory and machinery and equipment
    Are often marginally profitable or losing money
    May have a weak balance sheet and reflect a negative tangible net worth
    Could be in, or emerging from, bankruptcy
    Require advance rates of:
        up to 90% on accounts receivable;
        up to 50% on inventory;
        up to 85% on liquidation value of M&E;
        (May have seasonal or specific working capital needs in excess of advanced rates)
    Typically have the support of a personal guarantor
    Usually have no financial covenants in its loan agreement
    Preferably need to refinance quickly
    Want to establish a relationship with a knowledgeable and flexible lender

****************Invoice Based Financing******************

IBF borrowers share some common characteristics.

Typical Size of Loans: $50,000 – $30,000,000
Advance Rates: Accounts Receivable up to 90%
Common Characteristics:

    High growth companies
    Start-up companies
    Companies with losses, negative equity
    Companies in need of bridge financing
    Companies with limited financial information

Flexible Structure:

    No financial covenants
    Contract terms from 6 months
    Typically no on-site field examinations or collateral audits

Other Services:

    Your customers’ credit limits established and monitored
    Soft touch collection calls available
    Accounts receivable management and reporting
    Online access to reports and check copies
    Lock box services available

Fund /Closing: Normally within 1 to 2 weeks from initial meeting date
   The industries we serve include, but are not limited to:
Asset-Based Lending (ABL)
Applying for your ASSET-BASED  " Loan is easy.    The more information you provide the better we can help you.
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