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"Principal Borrowers
5% Fixed Int,
Alternative Funding Lenders
MINIMUM $5,000,000.00 & Up LOANS!!!
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BE ADVISED(..... It is Against Federal LAW to try to obtain a Commercial Loan on any Property that you do not have a SIGNED Offer to PURCHASE! ~~~~~~WE DO NOT TOLERATE "BORROWER CONTROL"!~~~~~~~~~YOU MUST FOLLOW OUR PROCEDURE!     "Private Lenders are not selling money here,(................ rather the borrower/’s need to “bear the burden of proof”! (.................., along with being able to cover the  Closing cost, that is required to make it to the closing table !
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Professional Practice
Another of My         Direct Private Lenders has:

"Professional Practice Program" that specializes in financing :

   *and veterinary practices
   *as well as pharmacies nationwide.

Their expertise, service excellence, and willingness to adapt to your business-specific needs can help you achieve your business goals. Let our customized financing solutions and broad array of products and services go to work for you today:

   *Whatever service your
dental practice offers—general dentistry, endodontics, orthodontics, periodontics, prosthodontics, oral surgery—We provide Funding

vision care your practice offers—cataract, lasik/lasek, glaucoma, cornea, retina, etc.—We provide Funding.

vision care your optometry practice offers—comprehensive eye exams, eye disease treatment, emergency care, contact lens evaluations, laser surgery consultations, retail eyewear—We provide Funding.

   *Veterinary practices
   *Whether your
veterinary practice is a small or large animal practice specializing in exotic animals, livestock or equine—We provide Funding.

Practice acquisition financing 
Partnership buy-ins 
Practice mergers 
Commercial real estate financing
Practice refinance and business debt consolidation
Practice buy-ins, including equity loans  Estate sales

Pharmacy Business Needs:

Whether you’re interested in acquiring or re-financing a pharmacy, acquiring real estate, buying into a
pharmacy, or obtaining a business equity loan,
this Private Lender is ready and eager to assist you.

Loans up to $10,000,000
Fixed terms up to 15 years
Working capital loans available for business transitions

Whether you’re interested in acquiring or refinancing a practice, purchasing commercial real estate, or buying into a practice,
I am Direct to the CheckWriter for your Funding!                                                     Go Here
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To The:
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***PREFER Loans of $5,000,000.00 & Up!!***
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*Lender will FUND "multiples LOANS of $1,000,000. (...if they Total $5,000,000 or More!*