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Alternative Energy
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                                               "100% Funding"
for Green Renewable Energy Development's / Wind Farm Projects!
Direct Private Investors provide a Wide Array Of financing for Wind Turbine Farm projects, &  Green Renewable Solar Energy Development projects up to $2 Billion!
"The Photovoltaic Effect", is the process of converting light to electricity.
Solar Energy Power Project Developments  are in Great Demand throughout the World. This is where an abundant, widespread, and renewable clean source (Sun & Wind)  can be taken advantage of, to increase the nations electric generation abilities while at the same  time, reducing greenhouse gas emissionsby by using Photovoltaic based cells to convert sunlight directly into immediately usable electricity!
Solar - Photovoltaic
Because Sun Fuel Systems do not emit harmful pollutants, they also help protect the environment. Even though the sunís fuel is free, specially designed equipment is required to convert it to electricity and send current to the grid. This is where Direct Private Lenders take the "Challange" out of the Construction and Start Up Costs by Providing 100% Funding. On a small scale, newer efficient buildings with their own generation capacity can help reduce peak demand by Using the sun to provide heat and electricity and  reduce their reliance on imported fuels.
Wind turbine farm development
Over the last decade, steady growth has been enjoyed by this renewable energy source. That growth is expected to continue in both the United States and Canada as well as Internationally.

Interest in Wind Turbine Farm developments is frequently inspired by outside pressures such as tax and other financial inducements and legal requirements. Tax credits are a huge incentive for equity investors since they provide a quick return of cash in the form of a rebate of up to 30% of the investment in most cases. These incentives often make the difference in weather a development is profitable or not.
If you are planning a Wind Turbine Development, naturally, Shovel ready plans are by far the most desirable from a Private Lenders viewpoint. Once we receive your Executive Summary, and Feasibility Study, the Lender will review, and Issue a LOI with Terms. If acceptable, the Private Lender will do an extensive Due Dilligence to analyze the wind resource data and his Studies should demonstrate the financial viability of the Development.
Wind Farm
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A Visitor from the Past
by Thelen Paulk

I had a dream the other night,
I did not understand
A figure walking through the mist,
with flintlock in his hand

His clothes were torn and dirty;
As he stood their by my bed,
he took off his three cornered hat
And speaking low, he said,

"We fought a revolution
to secure our Liberty
We wrote the Constitution,
as a shield from tyranny

For future generations
this legacy we gave
In this, the land of the free
and the home of the brave

The freedom we secured for you,
we hoped you'd always keep
But tyrants labored endlessly,
while your parents were asleep

Your freedom gone -
Your courage lost
You're no more than a slave
In this, the land of the free
and the home of the brave

You buy a permit to travel,
and a permit to own a gun
Permits to start a business
or to build a place for one

On land that you believe you own,
you pay a yearly rent
Although you have no voice in choosing,how the money's spent

Your children must attend a school,that does not educate
Your Christian values can't be taught,according to the State

You read about the current news
in a regulated press
You pay a tax you do not owe,
to please the IRS

Your money is no longer made
of silver or gold
You trade your wealth for paper,
so your life can be controlled

You pay for crimes
that make your nation turn
from God in shame
You've taken Satans number,
as you traded in your name

You've given government control
to those who do you harm,
so they can padlock churches,
and steal the family farm

And keep our country deep in debt,
put men of God in jail,
harass your fellow countrymen
While corrupted courts prevail

Your public servants
don't uphold the solemn oath they swore
Your daughters visit doctors,
so their children won't be born

Your leaders ship artillery
and guns to foreign shores,
and send your sons to slaughter,
to fight other peoples wars

Can you regain your freedom,
for which we fought and died,
or don't you have the courage
or the faith to stand with pride

Are there no more values
for which you would fight to save,
or do you wish your children,
to live in fear and be a slave

Sons of the Republic,
arise and take a stand
Defend the Constitution,
the supreme law of the land

Preserve our great Republic,
and teach each God given right,
and pray to God to keep the torch of freedom burning bright..."