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A Visitor from the Past
by Thelen Paulk

I had a dream the other night,
I did not understand
A figure walking through the mist,
with flintlock in his hand

His clothes were torn and dirty;
As he stood their by my bed,
he took off his three cornered hat
And speaking low, he said,

"We fought a revolution
to secure our Liberty
We wrote the Constitution,
as a shield from tyranny

For future generations
this legacy we gave
In this, the land of the free
and the home of the brave

The freedom we secured for you,
we hoped you'd always keep
But tyrants labored endlessly,
while your parents were asleep

Your freedom gone -
Your courage lost
You're no more than a slave
In this, the land of the free
and the home of the brave

You buy a permit to travel,
and a permit to own a gun
Permits to start a business
or to build a place for one

On land that you believe you own,
you pay a yearly rent
Although you have no voice in choosing,how the money's spent

Your children must attend a school,that does not educate
Your Christian values can't be taught,according to the State

You read about the current news
in a regulated press
You pay a tax you do not owe,
to please the IRS

Your money is no longer made
of silver or gold
You trade your wealth for paper,
so your life can be controlled

You pay for crimes
that make your nation turn
from God in shame
You've taken Satans number,
as you traded in your name

You've given government control
to those who do you harm,
so they can padlock churches,
and steal the family farm

And keep our country deep in debt,
put men of God in jail,
harass your fellow countrymen
While corrupted courts prevail

Your public servants
don't uphold the solemn oath they swore
Your daughters visit doctors,
so their children won't be born

Your leaders ship artillery
and guns to foreign shores,
and send your sons to slaughter,
to fight other peoples wars

Can you regain your freedom,
for which we fought and died,
or don't you have the courage
or the faith to stand with pride

Are there no more values
for which you would fight to save,
or do you wish your children,
to live in fear and be a slave

Sons of the Republic,
arise and take a stand
Defend the Constitution,
the supreme law of the land

Preserve our great Republic,
and teach each God given right,
and pray to God to keep the torch of freedom burning bright..."

Monetization of Bank Instruments

Direct Private Lenders  has developed relationships with some of the Wealthiest Investors & Hedge Funds  in the world to Monetize Bank Instruments for our clients!

By arranging the monetization against "Owned" bank instruments such as
BG's (Bank Guarantees),  SBLC's (Standby Letter of Credit), MTN’s (Medium Term Note's) along with other banking and financial instruments, this Process allows the Owner of said Instrument to Obtain the CASH needed !

To monetize a bank instrument you must be in possession of the SBLC, MTN or BG and it must be paid for prior to requesting monetization.

The Bank needs to be a World Top 100 Bank with a "A Bank-Rating" or better.

The instrument must be assignable and transferable and will need to be delivered to the lender via SWIFT, Clearstream , EuroClear or DTCC.

Monetizing bank instruments is the process of liquidating bank instruments by converting them into cash. We can monetize just about any bank instrument to be used for project funding, move them into various trading platforms quickly and easily. We can monetize SBLC's, BG's and MTN's in 5-7 Days after Verification!

Monetizing a SBLC or stand by letter of credit is becoming rather common and has been used regularly since the late 40’s.  Many refer to this as SBLC funding or SBLC financing since you are essentially obtaining cash on the basis of the SBLC or bank guarantee.

This process allows you to:

    Monetize instruments for cash
    Monetize instruments for buy/sell platform entry
    Monetize instruments for both cash and buy/sell platform entry

Pre-Owned Instrument Requirements:

    Must be from a Recognized International Bank

    Must contain the following 5 phrases: ”Irrevocable”, “divisible”, “transferable”, “assignable” and “unrestricted”

    Applicant must be the Submitter (Cannot be another Beneficiary)

To Apply simply complete the Form below and fill the details of the request in the comments section.
Brief Description of this Instrrument*
Telephone *
Email *
State / Region *
City *
Last Name *
First Name *
Please input the verification code
as seen in the image to the right.
Click on the image to try an easier one
(Fields marked   * are required fields.)
Address  *
Click for new image
WHO issued tthe Instrument?--Bank Name*
Type of Instrument BG, MTN, SBLC*
What is the Amount of Instrument?*
Will you SELL this Inst @ a Discount?*
How did you find us?: *
Zip Code *
Do you OWN this Instrument?*
***CaPtchA Code is "caSe SensiTive"
Direct to the CheckWriter!

$1 Billion + Desired!
Buyer of BG, MTN, SBLC Financial Instruments

LOI in 24-48 Hrs

wired to your Account
in 5-7 Days


I am a Principal or Broker?: *
CIS Form Application
CIS Form
**********BG --SUBMISSION *********File Upload (up to 2500 Kb each file)
NCA Agreement
INVESTOR "Seeking to "MONITIZE"  $100 MILLION +   BG, SBLC and MTN   Financial Instruments from TOP 100 BANKS!!      NO LEASED!****** Must be "OWNED", only!    HE can "Close" them in 5-7  DAYS or Less once Verified! ~~~~~~WE DO NOT TOLERATE "SELLER, or BROKER  CONTROL"!~~~~~~~~~YOU MUST FOLLOW OUR PROCEDURE!     "Private Lenders are Active BUYER'S here!(................ The Seller need to “bear the burden of proof”! &  provide supporting documentation, that is required to make it to the closing table !
WE ARE BUYERS of (....BG, MTN, SBLC financial instruments Minimum of $100Million. From TOP 100 Banks!! (...Must be "OWNED".NO LEASED.Can Verify in 24 Hrs, and Wire Funds in 5-7Days.         CANNOT BE "FRESH_CUT"!!